Colouring Pages

I love colouring. So I thought I’d share the love by drawing pictures you can print out and colour in at home. Or on the bus. Or during your lunch break. Or you might want to print them off to give to children, I don’t know.

If you’re wondering about the content… Well, I used to work with kids. A lot. I’ve been a babysitter, a childcare worker, a museum school group guide, an OSHC co-ordinator, an after school drama tutor, and a professional face painter. Old habits are hard to break, so despite the amount of sugary goodness I’ll be displaying on this blog, my colouring pics will more than likely lean towards healthy living and education. 

I’ll be adding more drawings periodically – basically until I have a nice big collection for you all to look through. It might take awhile, but gosh darn it, colouring pages are worth the effort. Because colouring is awesome, no matter how old you are.

For those that don't understand how computers work, simply click on the image to enlarge it, then right click and pick 'save image as'. 

Alphabet colouring page Apple Tree Happy Fruit
Happy Vegetables Witch on broom with moon behind The Magic of Books The Magic of Books The Magic of Books Pulang the Orangutan Cupcake with frosting and cherry Dandelion Wine three happy puppies Baby rhino Monkey in a tree elephant with balloon

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