Introducing Wiley, the well travelled sheep!

Wiley started his journey in Sydney, where I bought him on holiday from an ABC Shop. At this stage I still lived in Perth, Western Australia. Wiley accompanied me home, and then on Contiki through England, Ireland and Scotland in 2010. He now lives with me and my husband in Melbourne, Victoria, and will continue to have many travels. More photos of Wiley's adventures will be posted periodically. 

For those not familiar with Wiley, he’s a character from Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks, and is voiced by Mel. Freakn. Brooks. Go here to check him out:

  Wiley at Big Ben while sight-seeing around London.

Wiley freezing his furry bottom off at Stonehenge.

This picture may break the internet: Wiley the sheep riding a sheep at a park in Russell Square.

Wiley outside Buckingham Palace.

Pointing at the Victoria Memorial across from Buckingham Palace.

Lazing about in Regent's Park.

Wiley contemplating a dip at the Roman Baths.

Discussing how awesome bees are with good friend, Patrick Stewart...

which Back to the Future film is best with Dame Judi Dench...

the origins of box kites with Audrey Hepburn...

and how The Simpsons has been going downhill since season 9 with Sherlock Holmes.

Speaking of Sherlock Holmes...

Wiley chills out with the Sherlock Holmes statue in London, and...

dons a hat at the Sherlock Holmes Museum... Which just happens to be at 221B Baker Street.

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