Saturday, 19 May 2012

New Earrings!

My husband and I did a puzzle the other night (cos we're hardcore), and used it to cover a cheap, white chest of drawers. Since the puzzle was too big we ended up with a fair few left over puzzle pieces and I thought, 'now what can I do with these?'

The answer, obviously, was to make jewellery with them.
First, a Narnia inspired piece:

These earrings show locations from the Narnian map: the lamppost and Mr. Tumnus's cave.

Each earring includes two natural black pearls.

Every puzzle piece is different - so every earring is unique!

Next, patchwork painted puzzle pieces! 
(Try saying that five times fast).

I kind of went for retro 80's colouring - who doesn't love baby pink and grey? Nobody, that's who.

The little black bows are my favourite bit!

 Both of these styles are now available to buy at my Etsy shop :)


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