Saturday, 26 May 2012

Our chest of drawers

I've been making earrings out of left over puzzle pieces from the puzzle my husband and I used to cover our chest of drawers.

Why cover a chest of drawers with a puzzle? Why not? But specifically though, it's kind of my fault.

We'd bought ourselves a very cheap, white chest of drawers that you have to put together yourself. This was easier said than done. Cheap flat-pack furniture hardly ever goes together the way it should, and this was no exception. I ended up poking a hole through the top from underneath with a piece of dowel. You know, as you do.

So we had to cover it with something, and a puzzle seemed the obvious choice.

We bought a wolf puzzle from the local op-shop for $6 and set to work.

Here's what it looked like at the beginning:

Note the messed up bit on the bottom left. Yeah, that's what happens when you're more stubborn than the dowel.

Basically, we made the bulk of the puzzle directly on top of the drawers so we could see how it would fit and where we wanted it. It was a fair bit wider than the drawers, so we had to call in reinforcements: 

Once the puzzle was completed we used a piece of card to very carefully slide it off, applied a thick layer of Selleys Kwik Grip glue to the top of the drawers with an old sponge (we did try out a small section with the craft glue in the first picture, but no joy. Also the lack of an apostrophe in 'Selleys' greatly disturbs me) then slid the puzzle back into place and smoothed it down. 

Because of the width issue the sides had puzzle pieces overhanging, and gaps where the remaining puzzle didn't quite reach the sides. To compensate, we pre-removed a few random pieces top and bottom, to try and make it look like it was all just part of the design :P

Once we'd left it overnight to dry (and nearly suffocated in glue fumes - that Selleys stuff is insane) I cut off the overhanging puzzle pieces with a scalpel. 

And voila! 

A fun, cheap way to re-vamp boring furniture :)

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