Friday, 1 June 2012

My dream house...

Every now and then, while perusing the interwebs, I come across pictures where I think, ‘ooh, I want that in my dream house.’ Then I save them to my computer and drool over them from time to time.

These are just a few of the things I intend to make when I somehow miraculously obtain the house of my dreams:

Words cannot express how much I want all this Mario goodness in my bedroom. 

Soon, money cube storage things, soon...

I am so in love with this. And so determined to one day make it.

And finally...

Because every house needs a TARDIS.


  1. That TARDIS is cool. And you know what? Given that it's full of books (or possibly DVDs, but I choose to believe Books), and books can take you anywhere (in your own head anyway), you could totally argue that it's Bigger On The Inside!

    1. I totally choose to believe that. I worry slightly though that when I do eventually make myself a TARDIS bookcase (because oh yes, it will happen) that I'll stand in it a lot hoping it'll start making washing machine noises and take off through space and time...


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