Saturday, 9 June 2012

Ugly Scones!

Ugly Scones!

Why are they ugly? Because the basic scone recipe I found at www.taste.com.au involved kneading the dough on a floured surface and using a round cutter to make nice, neat, equal rounds.

And I'm just not that dedicated.

Instead, I kneaded the dough in the bowl, removed small chunks at a time, rolled them into vague ball shapes in my hands, then pressed them down onto the baking tray.

The result: ugly scones.

In my defence, I live in a student flat and my kitchen work space is basically non-existent. So ugly scones it is! 

Warm scones with butter and plum jam and a mug of rosehip tea :) Perfect for the wet, rainy weather Melbourne's been having lately.

I always find that www.taste.com.au is good for simple, easy recipes, and their basic scone recipe is definitely one you need to try! Whether or not you go for their slightly more attractive and perfectly round shaped scones or my slightly more irregular and lumpy ones, the result is well worth the messy butter and flour covered fingers you'll get while making them. 


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