Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Vegan Treats: Muesli Biscuits

When scouring the interwebs for quick and easy vegan treats, I discovered that there weren't really any. Apart from Chocolate Crackles (which I didn't actually find in a 'vegan' related search, anyway!) most recipes involved vegan substitutes for eggs and dairy products - which are often either hard to find in generic supermarkets or quite pricey.
Or both.

Considering my very limited budget for baking, I had to find something that I could make with things I had at home that didn't require the aid of pricey vegan substitutes.

The answer: Muesli Biscuits.

I came across a recipe for Muesli Slice (again, this was found in a non-vegan related search), and I used that as the basis for my vegan friendly muesli biscuits.

These muesli biscuits are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside - and for biscuits, they're not even that bad for you. Well... They're better than most other biscuits, anyway :P

So, here's how to make 'em:

And that's how you make muesli biscuits :)

This recipe makes around 24. Or one giant muesli biscuit depending on how you want to do it :P

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