Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Huzaah for Steampunk!

As any geek knows, steampunk is made of awesome. For those of you unfamiliar (because I'm told there are some of you that still exist), steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction; in laymen's terms basically meshing futuristic gadgets with Victorian fashion and science. There's a lot of gears, corsets, top hats, brass and copper in steampunk. 

Here's a pic I found on the interwebs of a couple of awesome geeks cosplaying it up (cosplaying = a verb now, btw) as steampunk X-Men:

Do you see how much steampunk is made of awesome??

Anyway, my love of steampunk led me to create this:

My very own steampunk inspired illustration!

Cos nothing says 'steampunk' quite like submarines, giant squids, copper pipes, and teddy bears in goggles.

And nothing quite says 'geek' like books, cats and steampunk. So I'm kinda covering all bases of geekdom here :) 


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