Friday, 13 July 2012

Vegan Treats: Muesli Slice

Making vegan muesli slice is just a little bit sneaky...
A little bit devious...
A lot lazy...

Because in order to make super tasty, massively impressive vegan muesli slice you simply need to follow the recipe from my Muesli Biscuits post... And refrigerate instead of cook. 

It's that easy.

Bung all the ingredients together and press into a container, refrigerate til hard, then slice up. 

And the best part about using one recipe for two awesome vegan treats is everyone will be all like, 'wow, you're such a great cook, and you have such a variety of vegan recipes, by which I mean more than two,' and you'll be all like, 'yeah I know, I'm super awesome.'

You can't tell me it won't happen. 

So go enjoy and exploit the perks of a recipe that makes multiple vegan treats - you have my word I won't tell anyone :)

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