Monday, 27 August 2012

Doctor Who Desk Companions

It's the end of August. And that can only mean one thing:

New Doctor Who.

I'm sure it probably means many other things, but that's what it means to me.

Now it just so happens that both my husband and I are HUGE Doctor Who fans.

And by Doctor Who fans I of course mean 'obsessed geeks', just like every  Doctor Who fan is. There really is no middle ground. You either hate it, or love it to the point of mania. And we are happily nestled in the latter.

Anyway, it was recently my husband's birthday, and for my gift I thought I'd revamp his computer desk with a little Doctor Who awesomeness.

So, I changed his desk from this:

To this:

I made the stand-up characters by drawing a cartoon adipose, ood, cyberman and 11th doctor on thick paper, then cut them out with 'tails' attached. I scored along the bottom of the characters and folded the tail over to make a stand, then blu-tacked them to the monitor. 

I made the TARDIS pencil holder out of an old milk cartoon. I just cut it to size then covered with plain paper, drew on the TARDIS front on one side and painted the rest blue. 

I painted the Doctor Who logo onto an old black mouse-pad with acrylic paint, and the paperwork holder (not Doctor Who themed, admittedly) was made with an old, and I must emphasise clean, pizza box. 

I also have to add that I had this totally elaborate birthday surprise planned. I was going to put all my Doctor Who goodness in a box and lead Rob on a scavenger hunt to find them... But he surprised me by coming home early the day I was making everything, and walked in on me attacking a pizza box with masking tape and wrapping paper. 

I heard the lock go and froze, scissors in hand. Rob entered smiling and I yelled, 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING HOME? I'M MAKING PRESENTS, GET OUT!' and he promptly exited backwards into the hallway. But of course, it was too late. My TARDIS pencil holder lay drying on his computer chair, my character sketches were scattered about the room and the floor was littered with paper debri. There could be no sufficient hiding of his presents at this point. The irony was that Rob purposely didn't tell me he got the afternoon off to give me a 'nice surprise.' It was more a 'panic attack' than anything else, but I appreciate the gesture :)

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