Monday, 6 August 2012


The other night I made Futurama Meme cookies with some of my
left-over Pac-Man cookie dough.

You know, as is my want to do:

Need a cookie?
Why not Zoidberg?

Not sure if cookie...
Or just really hungry.

Ok, so I'm not the best at coming up with meme slogans, so sue me.

Anyhoo, the idea for these came about when a friend posted 'Perhaps also Zoidberg cookies maybe?' on my blog's Facebook page. And I thought, yes, Perhaps also indeed.

Originally I planned on making just plan ol' Futurama cookies (whatever that means), but when I started googling pictures to copy, the Futurama memes that are dominating the internet were screaming at me make me... MAKE... ME.

It was actually pretty creepy.

So I picked 2 memes to create in cookie form. I would have done more, like maybe the Professor's 'I don't want to live on this planet any more!', but I only have my mini oven to work with and I wanted my cookies to be fairly big to lesson the chances of stuffing up my outlining, and I could only fit 2 on the oven tray.

And I'm lazy couldn't be bothered making more than one batch. If you can call 2 cookies a batch.


If you're unfamiliar with what a meme is (I know my mum reads my blog everyday so that's at least one reader), I have this handy Wikipedia definition:
A meme is "an idea, behaviour or style that spreads from person to person within a culture".

Well that just clears it right up, doesn't it?

I think the easiest way to explain the Futurama memes is to show you some examples. I had super fun times on the google this morning finding these:

Any Dr. Who fans out there that get and love this one? Anyone?  

So yeah. I decided to take these memes and create them as cookies, and I was very proud with how they very nearly looked almost right.

 I mean, Fry is slightly too slanted or smooshed or something and Zoidberg needs more of a forehead (I don't really know what happened there), but for the most part they're pretty, nearly, almost spot on.

Oh and tasty. Deliciously, deliciously tasty.

The big thing was that I ran out of icing sugar (good God, NO) so poor Zoidy didn't really get as much flooding as he should have. You can see in the pic that I've really had to thin and stretch that icing out to cover the whole cookie :P Also kind of funny and ironic that it was Zoidberg at the brunt of my icing mishap. He really just can't catch a break, can he?

But in other, exciting and totally related news - I have black icing to use for outlining!!! Well, I have to sacrifice a lot of my black food colouring and it's very much: add icing, drops of water, stir; add icing, drops of water, stir over and over and over again to get it right, but totally worth it.

I'd give a 'how to' right about now, but considering my technique consisted of me cutting out shapes I hoped where accurate and then outlining and flooding and hoping for the best, I don't really have that much to tell you.

Oh wait, there is one thing: I'm going to tackle South Park cookies next :)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, my Lovely! :) I do fully intend to make more... When I have a full-sized oven... And a full-sized kitchen :P

    2. And then maybe mail them to your good friend, Zoidberg? -erm- I mean Lauren :p

    3. Hahaha, well Christmas is just around the corner... :P


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