Thursday, 23 August 2012

Paper Craft: Magnetic Picture Frames

Living on, let's say 'humble' monetary resources, means when it comes to gifts I have to be a little bit creative...

So the other day I made this:

Paper cupcake magnetic picture frame... Thing!

So if you're after a new paper craft idea that you can use for gift giving, these are fun, easy to make, and look adorable. 

Here's what you do...

Start with a page of thick paper, and cut it so that it's 9cm wide and 20cm long:

Mark with a pencil to make 9x9cm squares and a 2cm tail:

Use a scalpel to score along the lines and gently fold:

Draw a cherry on the bottom of your 'top' square (the one without the tail) and cut out with a scalpel:
(Sorry, forgot to take photos at this juncture. My bad).

Fold at the creases to bring the squares together, tuck the tail underneath and glue together:

Leave to dry, then draw the outline for your cupcake:
(Again no photos. I suck).

Trace around something circular and cut out to turn your cupcake picture into a cupcake picture frame:
(I swear to God I will one day learn to use a camera for every step of a craft project).

Colour your cupcake in, glue a magnet to the back, and you're done!

NOTE: I used colouring pencils and black pens to colour my cupcake, and violated a fridge magnet in order to provide my picture frame with a magnetic strip. You don't need a strong magnet, so if you have a regular rectangular fridge magnet (like the ones you always get free in the post from real estate agents and the like), a small strip from one of those will more than suffice.

And that's how easy it is to make a cupcake magnetic picture frame! So why not make a whole bunch and give your fridge a bit of colour? :)

Or photoshop them for the purposes of blogging :P

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