Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Kids Birthday Party Theme: Western - The Details

So, now you know how to make your own western invitations and party food - it's time to top everything off with decorations, games and of course, party favours :)

Here are a few simple yet affective ideas to turn your house into the Old West:
Cut an old cardboard box into saloon doors and masking-tape to your door frame

Draw badges, cowboy hats, boots and cactuses on paper, colour in, cut out and blu-tack onto walls
Here's some to print if drawing's not your thing :)

Dust off any old rope you might have in the shed and arrange on your table with a bandanna or cowboy hat as a centrepiece, and use upside-down cowboy hats to serve food

Mess with the Classics:
Transform classic party games by giving them a western spin. Instead of 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey' have 'Pin the Tail on the Horse'. Change 'Musical Bobs' into 'Bootscooting Bobs. You get the idea :P

Tin Can shoot:
Place some old soft drink cans up on a ledge or table, line up the children, arm them with water pistols, and have them try to shoot the cans.

Pan for Gold:
Hide gold coin lollies in the sandpit and have the children pan for them using old sieves. 

Party Favours
Every party needs a take home lolly bag, so here's 2 ideas:

Make simple brown paper bags (you can use my feed bags as a guide) and draw big dollar signs in black pen. Fill with gold coin lollies and tie with string

OR, if you're going with a western theme because the birthday boy or girl is a Toy Story fanatic, why not try something like this:

"There's a snake in my boot!"


Make cowboy boot paper bags...

Use this pic as a guide:

(Measures just under 14x18cm)
Simply draw 2 boots touching like so; cut and glue/staple edges together

 ... and fill with lolly snakes for a very Woody party favour :)

And I think that just about covers everything!

Phew. I'm tired. I think I might stick to posting random photos of cats and such for a while :P


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  2. These DIY ideas for games as well as party favors would be great for parents who wish to enjoy making their own stuff for their kid's party to save a few bucks for the celebration.


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