Saturday, 21 April 2012

Harry Potter cupcakes continued...

Alrighty! Here’s how to decorate these four cutesy Harry Potter cupcakes.

Obviously, you need to make cupcakes and buttercream icing first. That would help. Once they’re established, spread icing over cooled cupcakes – don’t go too near the edge or you might end up with icing poking out from under your fondant. And nobody wants that, that’s just rude. 

Speaking of fondant, I cheated and used Orchard Ready Made White Icing, but in my defence I'm really lazy and that stuff was amazingly easy to use. Plus, I double and triple checked the ingredients: no sign of palm oil, people. No sign! You just can't lose!! 

And now for the ‘how to’ part. I sort of suck at explaining this kind of stuff with any level of brevity, so here’s an illustrated guide to make it seem less arduous:

And you’re done!

Kudos to you, Harry Potter cupcake fan. You have now successfully deciphered my weird-as-hell guide and created something tasty and adorable. I suggest basking in this victory a moment before sitting down to watch your favourite Harry Potter film and eating your creations.


  1. That's great Sarah, wish my recipe books gave intructions that that! I've not graduated past a blob of frosting slapped on with a pallet knife yet

  2. Practice, Miss Laura! Practice! Perfect excuse to bake and eat lots of cupcakes :)


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