Sunday, 22 April 2012

Random Photo Day!

Good day to you, and welcome to Random Photo Day!

I thought I’d use every Sunday to share a random photo with you, whether it be from my personal collection, or something awesome I’ve found on the interwebs.

To kick things off, I present to you… Smudge!

I still giggle (and freak out slightly) every time I look at this. This is a photo of my cousin’s cat Smudge, and seriously, isn't that exactly River's expression when she whispers 'reavers!' at the start of Serenity?? I mean, seriously!! This cat may be a psychic.

And, just because it’s the first Sunday post ever, you guys get another.
A bearded man holding a kitten:

(Please excuse the potato).
This is my husband, Rob. Looking uber serious while holding the world’s tiniest cat.

And now I'm off on another whirlwind adventure...
To make some chocolate cupcakes.
Awww yeah.


  1. Is it strange that I want to make a salad out of your husband's head? Not in a "I'm a German man who has a craving for man meat" kind of way - let's be honest, there isn't much meat to be had from the skull unless brain meat is your thing.

    I guess my point is your husband's head looks somewhat like a spud and I want to make a potato salad.


  2. You know what's REALLY strange? I find your comment in no way creepy. I think, perhaps, I've grown too accustomed to the weirdness of the words that flow from the desk of Malcolm Lennox. And I'm kind of ok with that.


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