Monday, 14 May 2012

Avengers cupcakes: the how to guide

Wanna know how to make Avengers cupcakes?... As birds?

Sure you do :)

 Firstly, follow the guidelines from my Harry Potter post.

Instead of using white fondant to make Hedwig’s body, use coloured fondant to make Avengers. Blue for Captain America, Red for Iron Man, Yellow for Thor (cos he’s blonde, get it?) and green for Hulk.

And that’s pretty much it. Oh, apart from the details…

Hand-cut a little white ‘A’ to stick on Captain America…
(a sharp knife will do the trick but it’s finicky work, so I used a scalpel).

Cut out a yellow mask shape to cover Iron Man…

Add strips of white for eyes and an orange triangle for the tip of a beak.

Now it's time to give Thor a helmet...
(I cut around my food colouring to make small circles).

I'm well aware Thor didn’t actually wear a helmet in the movie, by the way. But he needs to be identified somehow, right?

Make hulk angry by making the eyes as normal, then simply chopping them off at an angle. 

And you’re done!

Oh, but you wanna know the best bit?


Before baking, I coloured small amounts of cupcake mix red, green, blue and yellow so each Avenger was an individual colour. It took a bit of extra time, but was totally worth it.

And oh yes, that's an Avengers popcorn tin. We use it to keep utensils in. As you do.

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