Sunday, 13 May 2012

Random Photo Day!

When thinking about photos for this Sunday's post, I asked myself 'what is it that the internet doesn't have enough of?'

The answer, of course, is cats.

So here's Smudge. My husband and I took her in when she needed re-homing, and she now lives with my cousin, who absolutely adores her. 

And seriously, how couldn't you?

Look at that face!!! LOOK AT IT!!! It's not usually this blurry, btw. 
Still - n'awww :)

Just reading my literature book. You know, as is a cat's want.

British Blues aren't really known for having prominent noses... Or any at all.

Spot the kitty!

'Do you mind? I'm studying here.'

Aaaaand just like that I've established myself as a crazy cat lady.

Kind of ok with it.

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