Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Baby boy cupcakes!

I seem to have reached the age where everyone around me is popping out babies. Four of my girlfriends have had bubbies in the past year. All of them are gorgeous. And I say that objectively and without bias.

I was living in England on a student exchange program for uni when one of my friends had her baby shower, so when I came home I made her a belated present:

These cupcakes nearly died getting to her. I was living down in Mandurah at the time, and had to transport them in a cupcake carrier inside one of those blue freezer bags, and since I don't drive, I had to get a bus and a train up to my friend's house. In a storm. I got so wet I spent the majority of that evening with most of my clothes hanging on a clothes horse in front of the heater!

But the cupcakes survived. And that's all that matters.

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