Thursday, 3 May 2012

Iconic 80’s films! As cupcakes!

I wanted to recreate some of my favourite 80’s films in cupcake form, because
1) who hasn’t wanted to do that, and
2) it means I get to make and eat cupcakes.

Hence I present to you…

Wanda, from A Fish Called Wanda
(Photo quality is slightly dodgy here – the background is actually blue, it’s just washed out).

The flux capacitor from Back to the Future

and Indie’s hat and whip from Indiana Jones.

Considering all 3 Indiana Jones films were made in the 80’s you can say this cupcake represents any of them, though I’m going with The Last Crusade cos it’s my favourite.
(You may have noticed I only mentioned that there are 3 Indiana Jones films, that’s because I refuse to acknowledge the 4th one exists).

Anyhoo, I intend to make more film related cupcakes, so these 3 shall be the first of many!

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