Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Almost Healthy Apple & Berry Crumble


I'm a big sucker for Apple Crumble (and, well, all things sugary if it comes to that), so when I found myself with an almost full bag of frozen berries in my freezer just crying out to be baked, I decided to try my hand at Apple & Berry Crumble. 

I also thought, considering how incredibly unhealthy most of my desserts are, I'd also attempt to make my crumble guilt free... Or mostly, anyway.

So, here's how to make an almost healthy Apple & Berry Crumble:

And it's that easy!

This Apple & Berry Crumble isn't as sweet as other crumbles (hence the 'almost healthy' bit), but still super tasty - especially warmed up. With cream. Or ice-cream. Or both. Yum... 

So if you feel like treating yourself, this Apple & Berry Crumble recipe is one you don't have to feel too guilty over :)

Unless of course you drown it in cream and ice cream... But then that's not so bad because the crumble isn't that bad for you to start with. Right? Totally justifiable, I think. 

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