Thursday, 14 June 2012

Colouring pictures! Colouring pictures!

Did someone say 'colouring pictures?!'

Yes, yes they did. 
Oh wait - it was me.


Moving on from the best. Joke. Ever (how funny and witty was that opening, huh?... I know, right?!) and onto something of actual relevance, I have (finally!) drawn more colouring pictures for the blog.


So check out Colouring Pages to see the new recruits.

Can you recruit colouring pictures?
... Eh, I stand by it. I like how it sounds.

(Apologies for the rambling, I haven't had my hot chocolate yet today).

Has anyone noticed, by the way, that if you write 'colouring pictures' enough times that the words start to seem nonsensical? 

Nope? Just me? All right then.

Colouring pictures.

See??! Doesn't it just seem weird?!

Anyhoo, here's a sampler - my favourite new pic of the bunch:


I may or may not have a new found obsession with baby elephants, by the way. I kinda went a little crazy on flickr and made a gallery of them... As well as 2 galleries of cats.

YEAH. I'm that girl.

And before anyone oohs and ahhs at my incredible drawing-on-a-graphics-tablet skill, I need to point out that the 3 new zoo colouring pictures were traced over photos I took.


In my defence, I'm lazy.

Also in my defence, I did take the pictures.

Also, how freaking cute are baby elephants??!

So yeah, if you feel like colouring in (and who of us doesn't from time to time), or you know of or have birthed a child you can print colouring pictures out for, check out the new recruits :)

I'm off to have a hot chocolate. 

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