Sunday, 24 June 2012

Random Photo Day!

I found this picture on the interwebs and I just had to share:


I mean, Star Wars meets Winnie the Pooh - genius!

In other news, I showed my husband my post yesterday RE Back to the Future and the lack of hoverboards and he says, 'you realise hoverboards do exist and have existed for years? I have to look this up now to prove you wrong!' Then he runs the 2 feet to his computer and promptly starts searching hoverboards.

This is what he found.

Now I'll admit this is AMAZING, but 2 things spring to mind:

1) It's called an Airboard. I want a damn hoverboard, and

2) It bears no likeness to the sleek, pink, skateboardesque design from Back to the Future. And I want a damn Back to the Future styled hoverboard.

Still though, awesome.

I got my own back on his being so pedantic when we later watched Stargate and I questioned the plot holes throughout the entire movie.

Not a bad Saturday.

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