Saturday, 23 June 2012

Back to the Future

I recently re-watched all 3 Back to the Future films. 

Is it just me or did the 80's really create some of the most iconic movies of all time?

From geektyrant.com - they have heaps of awesome behind the scenes shots!

I always had a bit of a soft spot for Back to the Future because it was set in 1985, the year I was born. In fact, I was 24 days old on the date the films are set. I have no idea why, but this fact makes me weirdly proud. 

Anyway, while watching the 2nd film it suddenly dawned on me...


As any die-hard BTTF fan knows, the 2nd film is set in 2015. And while it sports many advances in technology, like flying cars and thumb print recognition, it's the hoverboards we're all waiting for.

So where are they?

Someone has to get on this - and I mean NOW.

And ok, technically they 'exist' and you can apparently pre-order your own hoverboard for $120. But before you don a fluro cap, oversized jacket and Nike sneakers, you should know - it doesn't actually hover. That's right, Mattel are releasing replica hoverboards. That don't hover.

Now that's all well and good and actually pretty damn awesome - I would totally pay $120 for a replica BTTF hoverboard. If I had $120. But what I'm saying is: WHERE ARE THE REAL HOVERBOARDS? It's 2012! I can accept that we're way off flying cars and thumb print recognition, but seriously, how has no one created a hoverboard yet?

We have 3 years, people. Let's do this thing.

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