Monday, 2 July 2012


I am a devoted follower of Cake Wrecks, the super awesome blog devoted to funny, silly or just downright disturbing cakes. If you're unfamiliar, I thoroughly recommend checking out the site. You can thank me for it later.  

Anyway, last night I went to make a cake. Now I've made cakes countless times, and on a few occasions I'll admit it, they turn out a bit wrecky. They might be a bit lopsided, possibly burnt around the edges, or, worst of all, stuck to the bottom of the cake tin.

But I've never made a wreck quite like this.

I present to you the ultimate cake wreck:


Here lies the remains of what should have been a beautiful cake, that was destined instead to be a sodden wreck.

Basically, the cake didn't cook. It was in for an hour, brown nearly to the point of inedible burntness on the outside, but complete mush in the middle. 

They say you should never blame your tools, but it was totally my horrible oven's fault. That thing has it in for me. 

Living in a teeny student flat with a very basic kitchenette I had to go out and buy a mini-oven so I could bake things. (I couldn't very well live without an oven to bake cakes and cookies now, could I?!) And, living on what I shall call limited means, I purchased the cheapest mini-oven I could. Let my error be a lesson to any potential mini-oven buyers. 

The thing has been nothing but trouble. 

But, I suppose, I have to concede my cake wreck wasn't entirely my horrible oven's fault. Maybe I did use a slightly smaller cake tin than usual and possibly a little bit more batter, and that could have aided the cake's decision not to cook the whole way through - but I am adamant in the belief that a competent oven would have baked the cake to perfection.

You hear that, oven?! You're dead to me!

Unfortunately, until my limited means become less limited, I'm stuck with my horrible, dead-to-me oven. Thank goodness it seems to like cupcakes ok. Well... At least it usually manages to bake them without too much coaxing. 

I'll have to attempt my cake again today. I keep giving my horrible oven evil glares across the room so with any luck it'll be too scared to play up.

Now, you may be asking what happened to the rest of my cake wreck. Well, here's what happened: 

Hubby and I salvaged the outside of the wreck for snacks. Perhaps not the most aesthetically pleasing sight, but hey, you do what you can do.

The worst part about this cake wreck business is that the salvageable bits are REALLY good. I can't help but think about what might have been had the cake lived.

With any luck last night's fiasco will be the worst cake wreck I ever create. But I guess I'll just have to wait and see...

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