Sunday, 1 July 2012

Random Photo Day!

Today marks the last of my Random Photo Days.

At least, the last of Sundays being dedicated to random photos. I'll still post photos from my collection and pics from the interwebs, but I'll be doing it - well - randomly. 

That way I can start posting baking and art & craft goodies on Sundays :) Huzaah!

Anyway, today I present to you: a wall...

Why would I bother posting a photo of a wall?

Because it's this wall:

Yeah, that's right -  it's HOGWARTS!

Last year while studying abroad in England, myself and 3 other exchange students (all Harry Potter fanatics) made the train journey up to Northumberland for a weekend to visit the real Hogwarts Castle :)

Alnwick Castle in Northumberland was used as Hogwarts in the first 2 Harry Potter films. 

And it's amazing.

They even host flying lessons for children out on the grass Madam Hooch taught Harry's first flying lesson in The Philosopher's Stone. Oh, and they have a Hagrid. And a Dumbledore. They come out to entertain the kids and perform a little magic :) Me and my equally adult friends got right into it. And so many of the kids visiting Alnwick were dressed up like witches and wizards! Some even brought their own broomsticks and wands! It was so cute.  One little boy looked the spitting image of Harry Potter. Or I suppose more accurately, Daniel Radcliffe. But still.

So, Alnwick castle (aka Hogwarts) is amazing. If you ever find yourself in the vicinity of England, I very much recommend going to Northumberland and sharing in the magic of Harry Potter. 

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