Friday, 6 July 2012

Octagonal Paper Box... Part 2

I've been getting heavily into paper craft lately, and by paper craft, I mean octagonal boxes.

I posted about a care package I got from home where my mum sent an octagonal box she made, and since then I've been playing around with the different ways to make them.

There are all sorts of variations on the interwebs, and below you'll find my personal way of making these little paper cuties. 

The big difference between my octagonal box design and others is that I like to reverse the pieces so you have the flower on the outside of the lid, and on the inside of the base. 


Here's what you do...

For whatever reason I really wanted to make a teeny tiny little box.

That's a totally normal compulsion though, right?

Here's a picture of my cutesy octagonal box next to a Cotton Candy flavoured Lip Smacker for a size comparison:

So tiny!

This isn't the only one I've made. Tomorrow I'll show off the rest of my octagonal box obsession :P

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