Saturday, 7 July 2012

Octagonal Paper Box... Part 3

Here are some of the octagonal paper box creations I've been making the past couple days...

Cute, no?

But here's the twist (because oh yes, there is a twist...)


Homestar from Homestar Runner

The lamppost from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 

Calvin from the timeless Calvin and Hobbes

I made them using the octagonal box instructions from yesterday's post, then I found a circle shape that would fit snugly in the boxes. Weirdly, mine was a measuring cup. Go figure. I drew the circle on thick 300gsm paper, drew my illustration inside, carefully cut out the circle and then glued it into the box lid with ordinary craft glue. 

And boom! Done! 

These guys are bigger than yesterday's example, measuring 5.5cm. So they're still small, but they're not that small. 

I thought they'd make cute desk companions to keep little treasures in. I've bought a whole bunch of different coloured paper to make more boxes with colour coordinated illustrations. I'm thinking of doing a Hobbes box (in maybe orange and yellow), an Angelica Pickles box (in pretty pink and purple) and a couple of Invader Zim boxes (in green and purple, obviously). 

The sky's the limit! Or at least my drawing skills are.

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