Friday, 10 August 2012

Farm Fun :)

I've finally finished the picture I've been working on for the past week:

Ta-da! It's a farm :)

Oh, and there's a black and white version for the blog:

I actually chose a farm theme for a few reasons:

1) It's really cute.
2) It works as a fun and interactive picture/colouring page (note each animal comes in a different number: 1 frog, 2 cows, 3 birds [or black cockatoos to be specific], 4 chickens and 5 ducks) so you're learning numbers and animals at the same time. I'm such a visionary :P
3) It helps me learn Polish.

That sounds random and unlikely, but let me explain... 

I'm trying to learn (some very basic) Polish, seeing as my Dad's family is Polish and all. (Considering my Mum's family is English I get off easy on that side).

Anyway, I downloaded this awesome free language learning software thingy from Byki, and I'm learning some basic phrases and words - like animal names, for instance.

So drawing this picture I kept thinking to myself ptak (P-tuk) while doing the birds, krowa (Crow-va) while doing the cows, kurczak (Cool-chack) while doing the chickens, kaczka (Kudg-ka) while doing the ducks, and ┼╝aba (Ja-ba) while doing the frog. And those animal names are firmly lodged in my brain now :)

I'm learning!

When reading that last line you have to envision Ralph from The Simpsons when he comes out of his room with his onesy on upside down saying, 'I dressed myself!'

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