Thursday, 9 August 2012

Saurs or Sauruses?

Last night my husband and I were discussing dinosaurs.

This occurs more frequently than you might imagine.

Specifically, we were discussing what our favourite dinosaurs were.

Rob's is the pachycephalosaurus ('Friar Tuck' to anyone that's seen The Lost World). In fact, here's a shot from the film to get a visual:

Mine is the diplodocus, and has been for about 22 years because of Little Foot from The Land Before Time. 

And finding that picture was a bad choice because now I'm going to cry. Seriously, how traumatic and heartbreaking is this movie?? When he's chasing his shadow because he thinks it's his mum?? 

Ok, I have to go and sob now for awhile so I'll make the rest of this post brief: what my husband and I ultimately spent most of last night discussing was the correct plural terms for dinosaur names. I mean, is it  Pachycephalosauruses or Pachycephalosaurs? Diplodocuses or Diplodoci?

I would look into this further, but I have to go hug a stuffed sheep named Wiley and a stuffed stegosaurus named Carrot now until I stop feeling sad about The Land Before Time.

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