Saturday, 18 August 2012

Tom's Birthday!

Last weekend my best friend Belle and her other half Paul celebrated their little boy Thomas’s first birthday :)

Since Belle resides in Perth and I in Melbourne, I sadly couldn’t make it to the festivities :( though I was definitely there in spirit... And on Skype for the cake cutting :P

Speaking of cake...

Belle so loved the Cheeky Monkey party theme that she decided to use it as inspiration for Tom’s first birthday party! (Flattered, much?) And WOW, did she do an AMAZING job.

The house was fully decked out like a jungle – green streamers hanging down and animal balloons, plus Belle managed to find some super cute bits and pieces to keep with the theme – like these totally adorable jungle themed patty pans and candles:

She even printed off the cheeky monkey themed invites to send out!

AND she made an incredible cheeky monkey cake and matching cupcakes!

Super impressed.
And the outlining, unlike mine, was done using M&M’s, and
 the monkey 'fur'? Crushed Tim Tims. Drool... (way to take my idea and make it better, Belle. Sheesh). 

She was even gracious and good humoured enough to send me some ‘in-progress’ pics – which were hilarious and awesome.

See, the cake didn’t bake flat...
And my suggestion to just flip it and ice the bottom was dismissed when Belle sent me this:


So she got herself a knife and she made that bad boy flat.

And then, as any normal, dessert loving woman would, she ate the excess :P

 Come to think of it I may have suggested that bit, too... 

The party was a huge success and everything looked AMAZING – a perfect first birthday party for a very special one-year-old boy.

Happy birthday, little man xxx

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